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Points North Gallery provides knowledgeable service in custom picture framing and offers a gallery of diverse original, local and regional Fort McMurray art.

Virginia Frank »»

My whole life I’ve been experimenting with different ways to express myself. I’ve found a beautiful cycle of inspiration where I can go out with my camera to experience the sensations of the outdoors, capture it in a series of photographs, and then I end up bringing home even more creative juices that fuel my paintings and drawings.

I love how photography gives me the power to capture exactly what I see and feel in an image. I love how painting gives me the freedom to interpret reality and emotions through colours and brush strokes.

My vision and style are unique; looking for light, patterns, contrast and interesting details in places often overlooked and capturing them in such a way to create bold and intriguing artwork. It’s not just a picture or painting of a thing or a place, it’s the result of being inspired to find beauty everywhere and transforming the mundane into something extraordinary.