Ross Lynem

I was born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and live in Calgary, Alberta with my wife Natalie one daughter, Katarina and our two goofy Boxers, Bella and Paulo. Self taught, I never had a chance to explore art fully until taking early retirement from my Broadcasting career in 2007.

My first passion is watercolour. Drawing and sketching are an important part of the process. A daydreamer by nature, I soon discovered the wonderful world of colourful whimsical villages and imaginary street scenes. Ultimately acrylic entered into the picture and new adventures presented themselves.

On an art exploration journey to Holland and France I saw the most amazing paintings of cows in one of the galleries I visited. I could hardly wait to get home and begin a series of my own. I love painting them and continue to do so.

Most days you will find me in my studio, where I spend many joyful hours creating my artwork in either watercolour or acrylics.