Maryanne Jespersen

Born and raised in central Alberta, I now make my home/studio in Turner Valley, Alberta.  Having a special love towards all of nature’s creations started in early childhood and has continued to grow with an increased knowledge of my surroundings.  Living close to the prairies and mountains has provided me with nature’s beauty to expand my artistic talent.  

From 1983, my job left little time for artistic creativity to be properly obtained and developed.  However, vistas viewed through my travels kept me inspired and I longed to spend more time interpreting those observations and placing them onto a blank canvas thus creating a vivid flush of color I desperately wanted to share with everyone who embraced colorful expressive art.  

By late 1990, I sought instruction and coupled with my determination all art classes were embraced and attended fully.  By 1993 I changed careers, which allowed me more time for my true passion, painting.  My studio was the great outdoors and by 1995 various paintings depicted a new freedom of impressionism and a promising new career sharing my perspective through my art.  Early morning and late afternoon painting excursions are a favorite of mine.  Working primarily with oil paints, my art became an expression of strength, light and emotion set on canvas.  From my unique imagination my paintings can and do project and exhibit a warm closeness to nature that is constantly evolving.  

In 2000, I fully committed to my artistic passion by painting full time. Exploring even more with my art, I am constantly painting, and it has become even more important to continue on this path to furthering my transition and growth as an artist.  

My art resides in businesses and residences in England, Qatar, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, Idaho, Washington, and various places throughout Canada from Victoria, to Montreal to Toronto.