Barb Howe

Barb lives in Fort McMurray with her husband. She has three children - two girls and a boy. Their oldest two children are married and each have three wonderful children of their own who are a constant source of delight for both Barb and her husband. She currently works from her studio in her back yard. Barb is a selftaught potter. Her first experience with clay was in 1983 in a sculpture course where she produced a small sculptural piece and a set of hand made salad bowls. This appears to have been a foreshadowing if sorts as she was soon caught up in the craft of pottery, and played with it over the next several years. Beginning in 1986 teaching duties and her growing family took up most of her spare time, making it necessary to leave clay for a while. In 1994, realizing that there was a part of her that needed to create, and feeling the stress of teaching, she left the profession and decided to try to work at pottery full time. She has now worked many years as a full-time production potter, and loves every minute of it.

Barb learned the craft primarily through reading and practice, but has also attended some workshops. Her vision in making pottery is to create functional pieces that are a pleasure to look at as well as to use. She has enjoyed the challenge of creating pieces that match in size and shape and are able to be used in sets. All her functional work is free of lead and barium and can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

More recently, more decorative and sculptural pursuits have become more important and she is currently working at creating vases and plaques for raku firing. As an avid gardener, plant forms and symbols are often a part of her work. In addition, her fascination for and love of vivid colours have caused her to develop glazes that demonstrate this passion. She loves to combine glazes for interesting effects.

Barbís work is represented at galleries and gift shops across Canada.