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Points North Gallery provides knowledgeable service in custom picture framing and offers a gallery of diverse original, local and regional Fort McMurray art.

David Yowney »»

The land originates our education, health, art and culture through our personal connections with the tactile space we inhabit.

I have studied art history, ancient culture and the visual arts. Specifically, what concerns me is my personal relationship with the textural forms of the Boreal forests of Northern Alberta.

Through material, I carve symbols of my deep-rooted internal feelings in relief. I reflect on the wilds of Canada through thick paint and lyrical atmospheric effects. I use thick paint to depict my raw emotions evoked by my direct experience with nature at its extreme.

I choose to depict the landscape of northern Alberta to express the resilience of nature in harmony with the cycles of erosion, natural disaster and time. These vivid forces of nature symbolize our inner worldviews.