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Pam Weber »»

Pam Weber, was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.
At an early age, Pam remembers learning and loving to draw. At Eastwood Collegiate, where she graduated Grade 13, art was most definitely her favourite class.
She attended University of Guelph and graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a Fine Art major. At Guelph, Pam studied a wide variety of art styles, from figurative drawing to sculpture. However, it was printmaking, under the direction of accomplished printmakers Walter Bachinski and Gene Chu that gave her the greatest challenge and satisfaction.
In printmaking, Pam found, what was for her, in art, an ideal balance between the creative artistic vision and the importance of following a measured process.
Not surprisingly, upon graduation Pam started working in the commercial printmaking business. In 1981 she started Oink Ink Productions with a partner, a screen-printing company located in Kitchener. This venture allowed her to combine her creativity with the challenges of owning and operating a successful business.
In 1984 she married and moved to Ottawa, where she continued to study lithography, serigraphy, and graphic art, at the Ottawa School of Art and Algonquin College. While employed as a production artist at a screen-printing enterprise, and later a publishing company, she still managed to get involved with the local art community. Pam also had a brief stint as an opaque artist, applying her brush to acetate film, for Hinton Animation Studio, the producer of The Raccoon series.
Gradually, Pam changed her medium from printer’s ink to mixed media and collage, and finally to acrylic paint. In acrylic paint, Pam found a long-running medium in which to create her signature bold and colourful images.
In the summer of 1995 she moved to Calgary with her husband and three boys, providing an environment to explore a new and, for her, compelling new subject matter, the Western landscape.
In Calgary she has become actively involved with various local art groups, including the Alberta Society of Artists and the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, where she is an Associate Member.
Her unique style and vision has won her acclaim with various organizations, businesses and collectors.
“The narrative of imagery attracts me.
My pictures: a record of what I see, or what I imagine; a culmination of experience and education. My pictures tell a story.
Working in different mediums, including printmaking and mixed media collage, it is with acrylic paint that I am most comfortable. It indulges my love of colour and my desire to form images that create a sense of well-being for myself and the viewer.
As pencil touches paper, the idea forms. Heavy outlines, strong shapes, interaction of positive and negative space, play of colour, markings and layering… these are all part of my finished work.
The personification of the inanimate, or anthropomorphism of nature dominate the surface. My canvas, a fabricated work, an escape from the day to day vicissitudes of life.”