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Points North Gallery provides knowledgeable service in custom picture framing and offers a gallery of diverse original, local and regional Fort McMurray art.

Lucas Seaward »»

My aim is to create a composition that goes far beyond the canvas surface. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is my goal to create art that will evoke emotions and stimulate conversation. Inspired by the natural world, I utilize the black, oily, viscous material bitumen as juxtaposition in the creation of my art. In recent work, I am pairing the opposite extremes of industrial development with wildlife’s inherent beauty. I am seeking poetic metaphors that convey how human ingenuity in the oil sands can symbolically imitate complex biological occurrences in nature.


Giclée Prints on canvas of Oil Sands Paintings are available in three sizes.
They come unframed or framed in a black floater frame.
Unframed: $375
Framed: $485
Unframed: $670
Framed: $980

Unframed: $1,375
Framed: $2,210

Leave a Mark (Hand) 72×48″
Unframed: $1,710
Framed: $2,880


See Lucas’ latest project, Contemporary Oil Sands: