Adrian Klis Fine Leathers

Adrian Klis Fine Leathers provides a distinct collection of practical and fashion items for the discerning buyer.

This central Alberta based manufacturer has been in the leather industry for decades and is committed to the production of superior leather products. The products are available in distressed buffalo leather.


Beelites Beeswax Candles

Beelites is a family run business based in British Columbia. Beelites beeswax candles produce no toxic by-products and are non-allergenic. When burning the candles will sweeten the air in the room with the natural pure scent of honey. The candles are dripless and burn longer than paraffin wax.

  • Pillar Candles
    • 3” x 3” with a 40 hour burning time $17.00
    • 3” x 4” with a 60 hour burning time $21.00
    • 3” x 5” with a 80 hour burning time $24.00
    • 3” x 6” with a 120 hour burning time $26.00
    • 3” x 9” with a 180 hour burning time $36.00
  • Natural Beeswax Votive Candles, package of 8, $30.00
  • Natural Beeswax Tealights, package of 6, $11.50



  • Every Home Handy Guide, by Carol-Anne Anderson. A sweet and candid little work-book to help you organize every bit of your home. It covers the A-Z: things that need to be organized such as financial planning, emergency information, goal setting, events, birthdays, anniversaries and even some recommended reads! $25.00
  • Who Is Boo? The Terrific Tales of one Trickster Rabbit and Who Is Boo 2? The Continuing Adventures of one Trickster Rabbit. Written by Bridget Ryan and Illustrated by Jason Carter. $20.00 each
    • An illustrated children’s book that chronicles a perpetually curious rabbit who is in a continual race around the world and along the way meets many animals. The title character is inspired by Nanabozho, a trickster figure in Ojibwe mythology, but the story itself is inspired from the trickster characters prevalent in all ethnicities. A series of adventure stories about this fleet-footed rabbit, 'Boo' is about curiosity that leads to wonderment that leads to helpfulness! In a world that runs the risk of become more disconnected (even though there is an abundance of social networking), it’s about stopping, connecting, and helping those we meet on our way.
  • Urban Animals, Written by Bridget Ryan and Illustrated by Jason Carter. $20.00
    • With a bursting population of over 7 billion, a lot of people call the planet Earth 'HOME' and not surprisingly, people are having to find more and more places to build their homes on this planet, places that we think are uninhabited. But they’re not! Most likely someone was already living there and in most cases, still are! But they're not people, they're animals! As our urban centres expand and people take up more space across the land to live, we are moving into parts of the rural landscape where many animals have long since called home! Urban Animals is a whimsical look at six of these animals who live in and around places we call home and sometimes we can find our self face to face with these somewhat confused and but always amused, new 'neighbours'!
  • Local Push Global Pull: The Untold History of the Athabasca Oil Sands 1900-1930, by Joyce e. Hunt. $65.00
    • An illustrated book documenting the events that shaped the development of the Oil Sands industry in Alberta. Drawing on primary source material from private, provincial, state and national archives for information on oil sands development, a surprising story of drive, perserverance and progress unfolds. This is the story of the personalities and projects that laid the foundation for their successors to overcome seemingly insurmountable tests and win a great energy resource.
  • More Than Oil: Trappers, Traders and Settlers of Northern Alberta, by Frances K. Jean. $25.00
    • More Than Oil is a series of short stories that highlight local people, events, happenings and all other possible topics relating to Fort McMurray. Frances provides detailed information about many colourful and interesting characters and recalls memories of when her family moved here in the 60's.
  • How to Read and Run a River, by Ed Stremecki. $16.00
    • Ed Stremecki was a riverboat enthusiast in Grand Prairie, Alberta and has plied more than thirty rivers in Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, chalking up about 26,000 miles. Remarking that there is a bit of "Huck Finn" in all of us, it is a good and useful thing to know how to "read" and "run" a river.
  • Boreal Herbal, by Beverly Grey
    • The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North is an indispensable guide to identifying and using northern plants for food and medicine. Whether you're hiking in remote areas or gardening in your backyard, this easy-to-use handbook will help you recognize and use fifty-five common wild plants that have extraordinary healing properties. With The Boreal Herbal you will learn how to soothe pain with willow, staunch bleeding with yarrow, treat a urinary-tract infection with bearberry, and create a delicate and uplifting skin cream from sweetgrass.

      Author Beverley Gray has also included dozens of healthy and delicious recipes, including Wild-Weed Spanakopita, Dandelion Wine, and Cranberry-Mint Muffins.




    Honey is locally produced with the bees living and fertilizing the plants at Dunvegan Gardens in Draper, Fort McMurray. The honey is available in the following sizes:

    • Plastic honey bear jar 350g, $10.00
    • Glass honey bear jar 450g, $13.00
    • Glass jar 1kg, $25.00




    O'Canada Soapworks

    • This line of soap, bath and skin care products are handmade with natural, high quality ingredients in Canmore, Alberta. Made without any synthetic and harmful additives, this soap cntains essential oils, herbs and tree butters, all of theraputic value and synergistic in nature.
    • Each bar of soap is 135g and cost $8.00

    Prairie Sage Soapworks

    • This olive-oil and coconut oil soap is crafted in small batches and is hand-stirred in a small soap pot and then is poured into a small block mold that yields several unique pieces of soap at once. Containing all natural ingredients scented with essential oils and herbs, they are perfect for sensitive skin. Each bar cost $7.00

    Maskihkiy CREEm

    • Maskihkiy is a Cree word meaning medicine.
    • In the teachings of Grandfather Bear, he is a great protector, healer and helps one to enhance their intuition and the ability to "go within" to seek their truth. Bears also knows exactly what plants and herbs to ingest in order to heal themselves. The teachings of Bear have been honoured in the making of this cream as each cream has been energetically infused with the essence of Bear Medicine along with the essential oils derived from the plants that the Cree First Nations people use for healing.
    • Made by Yvonne who is Cree First Nations originally from High Prairie, Alberta and now residing in Calgary, Alberta.
    • Skin Care Cream 4oz jar: This blend is particularly good for problem areas such as dry cracked heals, hands and dry spots. Great as a hand cream and cuan be used as a night cream. $34.00
    • Arthritis Cream 4oz jar: Rub on sore achy joints and muscles. Bear medicine has been used by the First Nations people in the sweat lodges and ceremonies to promote healing. $34.00



    The Violet Chocolate Co.

    The Violet Chocolate Company is a high-end award winning boutique chocolatier that uses old-world chocolate crafting techniques to produce modern, unique flavor profiles.

    Red Seal Chef and Chocolatier Rebecca Grant has been pursuing her love of food and chocolate professionally since 2006. Over the years she has developed unique chocolate recipes while mastering the traditional chocolatiering techniques. Her artistic and culinary talents come together to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations with the perfect balance of flavours.

    In the Spring of 2012, Rebecca officially launched The Violet Chocolate Company Ltd. All the Company’s chocolates are gluten-free, ethically-sourced, and are made with local ingredients wherever possible. Grant was recognized for her skills as a chocolatier in 2013, winning Gold at the Canadian National Chocolate Awards.

    $5.75 per bar