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Dennis Yowney »»

I am a romantic symbolist. The final artwork must contain relevant content that evokes a sense of compelling mystery commenting on social culture and human dilemma. An artist’s critique is the statement on culture.

I am influenced by the period of art history from 1912 to 1917; where, artists such as Franz Marc, August Macke, Alexej von Jawlensky used bright colors to portray a spiritual expression of the new epoch of their time. During the same point in art history, the Group of Seven were influenced by Art Nouveau and the graphic arts which is grounded in the symbolist tradition from Eugene Delacroix to Gabriel Rossetti and William Morris.

In Canada, the Group of Seven started a landscape tradition, which adheres to the impressionist aesthetic. I have found a gap, or room, to expand the visual language of artists such as Lauren Harris, A Y Jackson, Emily Carr, and Norval Mourrisseau. I use biomorphic forms created through an organic aesthetic. This is my intention.

Although I have started with the landscape, or sense of place, I include other themes to evoke a sense of mystery such as mimetic entanglements, which includes figurative, or romantic social expressions. As far as modern contemporary art is concerned, the symbolic images should reflect the feeling of the experiences of the North that stress regional narratives with spiritual overtones.